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Firmware Development

Our software developer team has participated in several industrial and start-up type projects over the past 10 years. Typical tasks emerge from the fields of metrology, signal processing and automation, but we also participate in projects going beyond these.

Out team of 10 software developers can assist our customers in the following tasks:

  • Firmware and software development for the device designed by ProDSP or brought by our client – low-level programming, software responsible for control and operation of the hardware
  • Preparation of PC testing or controlling application
  • Functional testing and verification

Typical technologies:

  • Microcontroller / DSP
  • Embedded Linux
  • FPGA
  • Multimedia (audio - video)
  • Communication protocols (industrial, internet-based)

Reference projects:

  • Nanometer-accuracy, image processing-based 3D positioning sensor (Precisen)
  • Automotive LVDS video grabber/streamer board
  • 32 channel 192 kHz audio recorder
  • Industrial photovoltaic panel washing robot (the entire machine is an in-house development)
  • Development of the HDL code responsible for imaging for FPGA (EDICAM) for a plasma surveillance camera operating in an experimental fusion power plant