We are a dynamic and adaptable Design and Development Center based in Budapest, Hungary. Established in 2008, we have supplied our partners with the latest solutions of engineering technology.

Having pursued academic careers, our lead engineers have built ProDSP using their extensive knowledge in electrical engineering and measurement technology. Having met the expectations of the global marketplace and reached high standards, we have become a key player among automotive industry suppliers.

Today, we offer unique and market-leading solutions for automotive testing, industrial electronics and electromobility. We are our clients’ go-to company thanks to our outstanding achievements in developing and manufacturing end-of-line testers and product validation test systems.

Our successes have led us into partnerships with several Hungarian and international, cutting edge companies.


Our Mission

Superior Quality and Originality

The objective of our dedicated and highly qualified team of engineers is to deliver top quality and unique testing solutions to companies specialized in electromobility.

Long Term Partnership

Creating win-win situations is our goal, so we focus on developing long term strategic partnerships, based on mutual benefits. As a result, we develop and produce real solutions for our partners. We always target our clients’ individual problems using a systematic approach.

Deep understanding

Instead of rapid assessment, we strive for a deeper understanding of requirements and close cooperation. Our action plans are always devised and implemented side by side with our partners.

Clear communication

We stress the importance of effective communication from the early stages of the project. This makes the whole process less time consuming, and the time spared makes the collaboration more efficient for our clients.

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Our Services

With our decade-long experience, we help our clients without compromising, focusing on core business values. We are there with you from the very first steps we take together, until the final touches to wrap up the successful project.

We are there for our clients not only when it comes to planning and accomplishing developmental tasks, but we also act as consultants. We work together closely throughout the whole creative engineering process to reach the objectives of the team.

Constant and efficient communication with our clients is as important to us as professional engineering expertise. This is why we always aim to find the right way to communicate with our clients at the very beginning of our partnership.

  • 2008

    Foundation of ProDSP Technologies

  • 2010

    First big industrial development project delivered

  • 2011

    Strategic partnership with a major player, multinational corporation

  • 2016

    Contracts with new, leading automotive companies

  • 2019

    Further growth, generating a net income of €2.9 million

ProDSP Management

 Molnar Karoly

Károly Molnár

Chief Executive Officer

 Bilau Zoltan

Zoltán Bilau

Chief Business Development Officer

 Bogar Istvan

István Bogár

Chief Hardware Architect

 Balogh Laszlo

László Balogh

Chief System Architect

 Nagy Zsolt

Zsolt Nagy

Project Management - Team Leader

 Vadasz Istvan

István Vadász

Product Manager - Hardware Development

 Kocsis Tamas

Tamás Kocsis

Product Manager - Test Monitoring and Test Control