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Custom Cable Harness Production

Beside the end-of-line testers and validation test systems, the planning and production of custom cables also form part of our services.

Our team of engineers fully administers the cable production process from the assessment of customer requirements through procurement of raw materials, production and checking of the finished product to delivery.

Whether it is test or equipment cables, individual units or serial production, industrial or validation use, relying on our nearly 10 years of cable production experience, we find the individually tailored solutions for all our customers.

In the design phase, while checking producibility and possibility to install in machinery, we place great focus on the logical control of the components, where compatibility and compliance with special requirements are verified.

Post-production testing is also tailored to customer requirements, where other special test can also be conducted besides basic inspections (e.g. micrograph testing, pull-off force measurement, leakage test).

If you wish to have a custom cable manufactured, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Please fill the requirement assessment form, downloadable from the link below, which simplifies and specifies the offer requesting process.

Requirement assessment form for new projects for the production of custom cables:

Requirement assessment form

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