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Hardware development

We develop hardware and embedded software (firmware) that meet or surpass expectations from requirement analysis to the handover of the ready-to-use end product. We also design, manufacture and assemble the casing or enclosure of the designed circuit boards and accessories.

Our team of seasoned developers are second to none when it comes to developing hardware and software for electronic tools. We design, develop and also manufacture the product with all of its required accessories so that we can provide our partners with a ready-to-use device.

Our team has vast experience in developing hardware-related systems used in the most diverse areas of application.

We combine innovative solutions with efficient project management and state-of-the-art technology equipment. We use our expertise in designing and manufacturing electronic devices, cooperating with our partners to ensure that the projects are completed transparently and seamlessly.

Our Hardware-Related Services

1. PCB design: Unique needs require unique Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our team has experience in this field from complex and high-speed circuit boards to analog circuit boards and high-current (100A to 200A) circuit boards. Also, these boards are often combined. We discuss the specifications with the client and prepare the circuit diagram, then the PCB. We are also happy to help with any of these to make sure your ideas come to life.  

2. Firmware development: We design and develop firmware and software for circuit boards manufactured by us or provided by our clients. Our team is experienced in development related to embedded hardware both in Linux and microcontroller-based environments. Configuring signal processing and control is what we are most often asked to deal with. Occasionally PC control software and web access is added to the requirements.

3. Mechanical engineering design: We design and also manufacture the casing or enclosure required for the hardware according to our clients’ requirements. The range of possibilities is wide, ranging from preparing a standardized box for the hardware, to designing and manufacturing a unique plastic casing or using 3D-printed casings. Our goal is to discuss the needs with our partner, and come up with and manufacture the best solution to fulfill those needs swiftly.

4. Manufacturing: We constantly build prototypes, and produce them in small batches and in quantity. This usually refers to boards we designed ourselves but we do take on manufacturing assignments from our clients based on their existing design.

In the latter case, manufacturing starts with checking the design. (If the design is prepared by us, this is included in the service, ensuring that the product is optimized for manufacturing.) Manufacturing the PCBs, sourcing parts, implantation, and checking circuit boards, are all part of the process. We can hand over the end product boxed individually if required.

5. Testing: We turn the manufactured products on and test if they function properly. In case of quantity production, we develop the system required for validation testing. Our colleagues even complete the testing before handing the products over to our client.