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Measurement Software Development

From simple measurement data collection applications to complex evaluation programmes, we can assist our customers in a vast range of fields in the world of electronic measurements. We work in cooperation with our customers on whether our testing processes can be used by automatic control of the measuring instruments and through appropriate storage of the measured data as efficient as possible. Our team has broad experience in developing the software environment required for the validation and characterisation measurement of electronic devices. Applications performing measurement and evaluation are mostly prepared in LabVIEW, with significant focus on user experience. The software components necessary for the storage of the measured data are generally implemented in .NET. The test sequence performing the measurement can be prepared upon request in TestStand or Python.

What services do we perform in this area?

Development of instrument controllers: We develop a controlling application for the instruments used in the measurement that are equipped with some type of interface that permits remote access (Ethernet, RS-232, GPIB, etc.).

Planning and implementing data storage: A database is planned for storage of the data generated in the course of the measurements, and we also design the necessary server application and the client environments.

Development of evaluating applications: In accordance with customer requirements, we prepare applications that generates the necessary measurement reports or data sheets by processing the measured signal shapes.

Implementation of test sequences: We usually develop test sequences for the execution of automatic measurements in the required order. For this, we mostly use the NI TestStand environment, but other script languages may be used upon request, so the modification or supplementation of the test can be easily carried out.